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The Density

Density is the magic word you should mention when someone is trying to sell you a mattress. This word is key for all mattresses available on today’s market.

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Latex (hévéa)
  • Viscoelastic foam (memory foam)
  • Foam aquagel (water-based)

Density is the weight per cubic foot that determines the resistance of the foam, generally comprised between 1 lb. to 5 lb. per cubic foot.

Our representatives are specially trained to suggest the best density adapted to your specific need and to explain the properties and advantages of the materials.

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The key

Density = Weight per cubic foot

The compression

A lot of people confuse the compression (firmness) of a cushioning product with its density, which refers to the quality of the product.

Compression is computed in pounds and may vary between 7 and 60 lb. when fabricating a mattress. Compression has no impact on resistance and very little impact on price. Preferred terminology for mattress compression factors are “soft” “slightly firm” “firm” and “very firm”, enabling a differentiation between mattresses.

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The price

In recent years, prices for basic materials that go into fabricating a mattress have increased substantially. This is due to the increase of prices for foam (petroleum-based product) and prices for springs (steel). This is one of the main reasons most of the mattress manufacturers have opted for removing one side of the cushioning product in their mattresses to try and reduce prices. Retailers will often sing the praises of non-flip technology, however, in reality you pay for only half the mattress. Make sure that the density of the mattress is at least 2 pounds per cubic foot.

Most consumers look for the best value possible, and that is why you should use our unique Triple Comfort process. It will last you for many years, unlike many options offered by our competitors. Be careful not to let yourself be dazzled by free gifts or supposed 50% off specials some stores offer, or “buy now, pay later” offers. Remember, nothing is free; it’s all computed in the final price.

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Important Tip

Place your mattress on a rigid base such as a platform or rigid frame instead of a spring mattress or a flexible laths bedspring. This way, your warranty will be maintained.

Inquire in-store about our warranty after purchase.

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Available products

Several in-stock mattresses with a very short delivery time.

  • Foam
  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Foam aquagel
  • Adjustable beds
  • Decorative beds (cushioned)
  • Pillows and bedding
  • Platforms
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